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Children on the Move in Zimbabwe

The Centre for Rural Health at UKZN, together with research teams from the University of Zimbabwe and FAFO (Norway), are embarking on an exciting new study to explore the lived experiences and migration patterns of unaccompanied migrant children as they move internally in Zimbabwe and when they move across the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa. The study will focus on children aged 12-17 years who are travelling in Zimbabwe or across borders without a parent or guardian. We aim to explore explore the range of experiences of children who migrate, the push and pull factors that influence migration among these children and their patterns of migration. We will conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with children in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. In addition, we will also conduct an extensive literature review and stakeholder mapping exercise.

An inception meeting was held in Harare, Zimbabwe on 22nd February to launch the project and was attended by a range of stakeholders from government, UN agencies, NGOs and funders. Attendees included representatives from the Ministry of Public Sevice, Labour and Social Welfare, International organisation for Migration (IOM), International Labour organisation (ILO), Save the Children, World Vision, Plan International among others. The proposed work was strongly supported at the meeting.

The study is funded by UNICEF Zimbabwe and the findings will inform a strategic intervention framework for policy development.