RH Organisational Developmen

RuDASA 2015 was held at Dullstroom 24-26 September 2015

The QI and Homestays team presented posters at the conference

RuDASA 2015RuDASA 2015

RuDASA 2015RuDASA 2015

The Quality Improvement Summit was held in Cape Town 21-23 September 2015

The QI team presented a poster at the summit

QI summit

The Integrated Nutrition project was launched in September 2015

INP launchINP Launch

CRH 2014 Organisational Development

On the 18th and 19th of June 2014, the CRH staff had an organisational development session at Elangeni – Maharani Hotel in Durban. The session was coordinated by Dr Shamim Bodhanya.



CRH 2011 Organisational Development



On the 12th and 13th of October 2011  the CRH staff had an organizational development session at Sica Lodge in Durban.


Much fun was had with a range of activities and team building, exploring future scenarios and possibilities for the CRH as well as spending some time on how we are working together as a team. While a number of difficult dynamics were explored to some depth, this time was important in continuing the work in developing a sustainable and vibrant organization.


As part of our team-building we went on an outing to the Warwick Junction Markets in the centre of Durban. It provided an amazing experience of the vibrant, colorful and diverse space. It was much more than an opportunity to task freshly prepared meat from the Bovine Head Market, or shop for that Shweshwe pinafore that you always wanted. Even for some of us that use the markets for transport connections or shopping, it provided new insights into the fascinating intersections of so many cultures and social dynamics. 





CRH 2010 Organisational Development