This project aims to develop a partnership between UKZN, University of Bergen and University of Kinshasa to develop and implement a Master and PhD programme in nutritional epidemiology based at the University of Kinshasa, and linked to a rural research site. 

The CRH team will be taking on supervision and support of students going forward and also undertake some teaching modules around research skills development for participating students. The aim is to further this partnership and develop a broader program of research. 

In 2019 additional funding was granted to undertake a project evaluation and to disseminate findings from this evaluation



The CRH team has undertaken the following activities:

  • Supervision for six new masters students based at the University of Kinshasa in partnership with DRC-based supervisors
  • Convened a supervisors workshop in March 2017 to develop supervisors skills, particularly aimed at Master/PhD supervisors from DRC but also to be attended by staff from CRH and from University of Bergen
  • Attended the annual NORAD funders meeting in Oslo in April 2017
  • A proposal development workshop was conducted with 15 PhD and masters students with facilitators from University of Kinshasa, University of Bergen and UKZN in September 2017.
  • Supervision of an additional five new masters students for the 2017/18 cohort
  • Co-supervision of one PhD student
  • Planning meeting was held in Bergen, Norway in April 2018
  • GROWNUT annual meeting held in Durban in June 2018
  • Five oral presentations and three poster presentations from students about findings from GROWNUT research presented at African Nutrition Epidemiology conference in Addis Ababa in October 2018
  • Popokabaka conference to be held in DRC in October the highlight findings of GROWNUT research programme to the local community and other stakeholders
  • Proposal development workshop undertaken in Durban March 2019 for fourth cohort of students
  • Supervision of 4 students from 4th cohort.
  • Visit to Kinshasa in June to attend annual meeting and undertake a visit to the rural research site at Popokabaka
  • Development of a proposal to evaluate GROWNUT implementation
  • Ethics approval obtained for GROWNUT evaluation from universities of KwaZulu-Natal, Bergen and Kinshasa
  • Data collection underway
  • Manuscript writing workshop planned for December 2019
  • Presenting initial findings at Public Health Nutrition conference in Brisbane, Australia in March 2020