The African Paediatric Fellowship Program


The APFP at University of KwaZulu-Natal, Department of Paediatrics &  Child Health aims to develop a successful model to train pediatric healthcare professionals who will transform child health services across Africa. This objective will be by:

1. Developing institutional partnerships with university teaching hospitals that ensure that candidates are carefully selected, maintain relationships with the home institution during their training and return to their home countries after the training, with 95% retention rate of graduates after one year of returning to their home countries.

2. Developing a critical mass and network of pediatric specialists that continue to work together in their home countries to develop country specific pediatric training plans and also increase in country pediatric training capacity.

3. Developing a coordinated training program that facilitates lesson sharing and between ELMA funded APFP-UKZN, UCT, UWits and the training institutions, with exchange visits between academics.

4. Promoting supplementary fundraising capacity of the APFP program from both private and institutional donors to enable increased enrollment capacity and financial sustainability