Designing Men’s Health Post VMMC Intervention in Kwazulu-Natal


In response to the challenges with respect to HIV prevention and VMMC within the province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), UKZN was invited by UNAIDS through Genesis Analytics to provide consultancy services to design a comprehensive proof of concept VMMC young men’s health behaviour change programme. This is consistent with the specific purpose of the project to design a comprehensive VMMC young men’s health behaviour change intervention package, with a leadership component, to complement the existing VMMC programme.

However, following initial meetings with the KZN DoH and UNAIDS, it was concluded that the intervention was complex in nature and would need to address 3 outcomes: increase of uptake of VMMC, improve men’s sexual behaviour and improve men’s overall health-seeking behaviour.

A health promotion approach will be used for these young men, starting with their social assessment, risk assessment and needs analysis. This will be followed by a tailored intervention drawing from theories of health promotion, in recognition of the fact that knowledge alone does not translate into behaviour change.


  • Inception Report: submitted in May 2019
  • VMMC Rapid Assessment Report – due end November 2019
  • Post VMMC Intervention Programme (Implementation Plan and Monitoring Framework) – due in January 2020
  • Youth Leadership Training Curriculum: Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) and Amakhosi Men’s Health Training Curriculum (will happen concurrently with development of M&E plan) – due in February 2020
  • Design and conduct study to evaluate implementation of the intervention (will happen concurrently with development of M&E plan) – due in February 2020
  • Final Report – due 30 March 2020