Prof. André Janse van Rensburg


André J van Rensburg is a senior researcher in the Centre for Rural Health. He has 10 years’ experience in health systems research, in multiple settings, with extensive involvement in system strengthening initiatives in the public health sphere. He has a disciplinary background in monitoring and evaluation, sociology and political science, and holds a joint doctorate from Ghent University and Stellenbosch University.

Interests include strengthening systems to address “diseases of poverty” – particularly tuberculosis and mental illness – in low-to-middle income countries; governance and power relations in health care structuring; the political economy of health and healthcare; and intersectoral, state and non-state tensions in health systems reform.

Prior to joining the CRH, he was part of a health systems research team at the University of the Free State and held an EU Saturn scholarship at the Health and Demography Research unit (HeDeRa) at the Department of Sociology, Ghent University. Presently he is involved in the ASSET programme (Promoting Person-Centered Tuberculosis Care: A Mixed Method study); the S-MhINT programme; research investigating comorbid tuberculosis and depression in the Free State province; and an initiative with the National Department of Health towards developing a blueprint for community-based care for people living with severe mental and neurological disorders. André is a member of Health Systems Global, the Emerging Voices for Global Health initiative, as well as the NIHR Global Health Research Training platform.

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Book chapters

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