KIBS: KwaZulu-Natal Initiative for Breastfeeding Support


To support initiation of breastfeeding and ongoing breastfeeding in KZN health facilities using skills development, mentoring and evaluation at all levels of the health system including community, PHC facilities and hospitals. In addition, the project will support and evaluate the development of Human Milk Banks in all 11 districts in KZN. The project includes a cross-sectional survey to determine feeding practices at 14 weeks at baseline and on completion of project activities, as well as a cohort study to investigate determinants of feeding practices.


Most project activities have been completed according to the project plan (as set out below) Delays continue to be experienced in setting up of new milk banks by the Department of Health resulting in delays in some project activities.

  • A mentoring team (four lactation mentors and a project manager) has been established and provided training and mentoring for lactation advisors, nutritional advisors and community health facilitators. This activity is complete.
  • In partnership with the Department of Health new milk banks have been set up in one hospital and five further new milk banks are planned going forward. All funded activities are complete, although not all milk banks have been established, the DoH will take this forward.
  • Guidelines and standard operating procedures for management of Human Milk Banks (HMBs) have been developed. Training in the implementation of these guidelines has been conducted in five existing HMBs and one new milk bank. No further funds available and the DoH will undertake any further training required for new milk banks.
  • A communication strategy to promote breastfeeding and HMBs has been developed and is currently being implemented, including development of radio PSAs and short radio dramas, as well as a website and blog ( ). This activity is completed.
  • Baseline data on feeding practices has been collected and analysed. A comprehensive report has been provided to the DoH, and results have been presented at the KZN Department of Health, and the 2016 AIDS conference. A paper for publication from the baseline data is currently being finalised for submission this year.
  • A cohort study has been undertaken using qualitative methodologies to prospectively investigate determinants of feeding choices. One publication has been published, a second paper has been submitted and a third is in final draft for submission this year.
  • A second round of KIBS evaluation is underway to explore feeding practices at 14week and at 6months of age. Data collection was completed in August 2017.
  • Data analysis is underway for the final evaluation.
  • Final report is due to the funder mid-December 2017.