KINC: KwaZulu-Natal Initiative for Newborn Care


The KINC project is aimed at improving the care of newborn babies in district hospitals in KZN, building on preparatory work done by the CRH team over several years, and is being conducted jointly with the DOH. KINC is a multi-pronged intervention using a structured process of training, mentoring and accreditation to support and improve newborn care at all 39 district hospitals in KZN. This approach was adopted in 2013 as National DOH policy (SA INC) and will be implemented throughout South Africa.

The project includes a robust evaluation of quality of care provided to newborns from baseline to completion of the project.

The project activities are now complete. The project is in a dissemination phase- additional funding has been provided for developing of reports and manuscripts.


All activities planned for the project were completed timeously. These included:

  • KINC training for professional nurses, doctors, maternity managers and enrolled nurses, as well as four mentoring visits to every hospital.
  • A team of master trainers trained in every district to ensure sustainability.
  • Action learning groups set up in all districts to provide peer-to-peer learning for maternity unit managers to assist them in improving quality of care in their neonatal units.
  • Accreditation for excellence in newborn care completed in all 39 hospitals in Y3 of the project and several hospitals received awards for excellence from the Department of Health.
  • Data collection completed for the KINC evaluation with three waves of data collection at baseline, midpoint, and endpoint.
  • A case study completed in seven selected hospitals, which comprised detailed observations over a week long period, assessment of quality of care and interviews with health workers and mothers. Analysis of this data is underway.
  • Presentation of preliminary results at NaPeMMCo in February 2016.
  • A final report has been completed and disseminated.
  • Partnership being developed at national DoH to ensure that results are disseminated nationally.
  • Further funding has been provided to support development of publications from the evaluation findings. Four manuscripts are currently in draft.