Sanah Bucibo

Quality Improvement Mentor

Sanah Bucibo is a Quality Improvement Mentor at the Centre for Rural Health. She is a registered nurse and holds a Diploma in nursing (general, community and psychiatry) and midwifery from the KwaZulu-Natal College of Nursing. She also holds a PgDip in HIV/AIDS Management and a MPhil HIV/AIDS Management from the Stellenbosch University.

She has worked at primary care and at TB/HIV CARE as a Professional Nurse Counselor for DREAMS. She then joined clinical trials as Research Nurse at the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation. She also worked at AHRI as the Clinical Systems Lead Nurse at AHRI.

She is part of the health systems research and is involved in training and mentorship for nurses using APC online for mental health, COVID, TB and multimorbidities. She also mentors and supports management and referral of patients diagnosed with chronic conditions.  

Research Interests

Her research interests are health systems research, epidemiology and control of NCDs and infectious diseases, adolescent health; community and primary health care research.


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